Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) is built into everything we do.

Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) is built into everything we do.

At National Grid, we value every walk of life. We work hard to create a work environment where everyone has the chance to voice their opinions because we know that having different perspectives makes us stronger. It’s how we constantly and continuously push innovation and strive to create a better future for everyone. So it’s essential that we build an inclusive and diverse workforce.

How will we do this?

  • Building on our success: We want to let everyone know they are welcome by showing how diverse our workforce already is. 
  • Attracting diverse talent: We are dedicated to finding innovative ways to source and attract talent that genuinely reflects the communities we serve. 
  • Offering equal opportunities: We are committed to providing the same opportunities for development and progression for everybody who works with us. 
  • Ensuring inclusive leadership: Our leadership style is inspiring and inclusive, helping everyone who works with us to realize their full potential.
  • "I fundamentally believe that it's our people that make National Grid such a great place to work, and ensuring that we create the right environment to allow everyone to be themselves and to thrive is essential ."

    John Pettigrew, CEO, National Grid

Our workforce

With over 22,000 employees globally, we’re incredibly proud of the diverse workforce we’ve built. Below are a few highlights of our commitment because we truly believe that we couldn’t do the amazing things we do without our people.

  • 25% of our global workforce is female 
  • 24% of hires were of ethnic minority 
  • 38% of our board are women 
  • 32% of hires were women 
  • 18% of our workforce are ethnic minorities 
  • 33% of our leadership are female

Supplier diversity

It's National Grid's goal to provide veteran-, minority-, and women-owned, small, sustainable businesses, as well as all other diverse business enterprises, an equal opportunity to participate in National Grid's procurement and sourcing process.
We understand the multicultural changes and trends in the utility sector and believes in developing a rich, diverse supply chain. Through our pipeline the supplier diversity and sustainability program encourages the inclusion of diverse vendors by providing opportunities in these areas:

  • Certification Assistance 
  • Business Development Programs 
  • Supplier Mentorship Programs 
  • Capital Access Programs 

National Grid also partners with SBA programs and other social organizations to provide a higher level of service and assistance to the veteran community.